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Is Biomathematics equipped to shower the students with a full-fledged career and a paying job? If this question was asked a couple of years back, the answer would be different, but at this point in time, the entire game has been changed. There are many Best Biomathematics programs in UAE, where the students can enlist themselves for carving a promising career. To guide you, here is everything that you need to know about this career and how it will be beneficial for you in the future as well.

Turning into an expert in the stream of Biomathematics require a student to get involved in a strenuous process. To know about the course, it is crucial to understand the program structures, which begins with a bachelor’s degree followed by the masters and then Ph.D.

Getting a Graduate Degree in Biomathematics:

It is an undergraduate degree that is granted to the students after finishing three years of course study in mathematics and associated subjects. Now, coming over the duration, it will require the students to spend three years. A student has successfully completed 10+2 in science and commerce, having maths as a subject. If you are ready with these eligibility criteria, then you are good to go.

Master’s Degree in Biomathematics:

After attaining the Graduate Degree, the program level doesn’t stop as the next step to success is the master’s degree. It is a two-year course that includes advanced courses such as graph theory, symbolic algebra, algorithm, real and complex analysis, coding theory, categorical data analysis. Not only the Bachelor’s in Biomathematics, but the maths teachers who want to enhance their skills in the subject can opt for B.Sc mathematics in UAE.

Next is the Ph.D. in Biomathematics:

The toughest and the ultimate pillar of the program level is Ph.D. Though reaching to this level takes time, but the hard work will surely be paid off. During this course, students are taught courses like neuroscience, organizational cell biology, biophysical science, and likewise. Added to this, various other additional aspects and elements are also taught here. The course duration for the Doctorate in Biomathematics is about three years.

Career outlook of Biomathematics:

These were the three program levels in the field of Biomathematics; now, you must be willing to know about the career outlook of this field, right? In the current scenario, large industries, corporate and high schools look forward to hiring Biomathematicians at various levels such as

  • Computer programmer
  • Mathematician
  • Statistician
  • Food scientists
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Molecular biologist

It is just a depiction concerning the future of the students hailing out from this field as the options are boundless. Furthermore, with time, the employment ratio for these programs has drastically increased, and almost 30-34% of the jobs in UAE are under this category. With this, you can determine whether your career decision will be right or not.

A career in this area of study has been developed to a new level when compared to any other occupation. If you are still thinking, then don’t be late as with employment, the competition is also crossing the boundaries in Universities in UAE with Mathematical Biology course. Khalifa University is a good choice if you have your eyes in affordable and successful Biomathematics programs.

About the Author

Dr. Lina Yousef is an Assistant Professor of BioMathematics at Khalifa University since 2011. In 2011-2012 she was a visiting scholar with the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). Dr. Yousef received several scholarships and awards during her academic training, including a United States Department of Applied Mathematics Graduate Fellowship.

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