48 Reasons Why We Love the UAE

Everyone has a different response when asked why they love the UAE. This stems from the fact that we all have our own stories and experiences that make our time in the UAE so special and distinctive.

There are so many things that make the UAE more unique than most countries. Aquariums in large shopping malls, a zero-carbon, zero-waste and car-free city, Camel Milk chocolate – but what makes the UAE so special, are the citizens and residents that celebrate each National Day with immense pride, bringing us together every year on this day.

To celebrate the UAE’s 48th National Day, we asked educators and students “Why do you love the UAE?”. Read their heartfelt responses below on how special the UAE is to them.

Al Yasat School

Kera Stephens, Vice Principal
“The UAE has been my home for 6+ years; it’s safe here. The crime rate is low, and I feel completely safe in my surroundings. It is a very tolerant place to live, many different cultures and religions are co-existing happily.”

Ambassador International Academy

James Lynch, Principal
“I love the UAE for its peace, prosperity and tolerance in this multicultural, forward-thinking nation.”

Gemma McClelland, Pre KG teacher
“Growing up in the UAE has made me open-minded as I have been exposed to numerous cultures, religions, and traditions that I would not have had anywhere else.”

Nikita, Grade 2
“I love the UAE because I have so many friends from other countries.”

American School of Creative Science, Al Barsha

Johnathan Maxwell Letcher, Principal
“Never have I visited a place where people are respected and safe for who they are, UAE culture embraces civility and relationships”

American School of Creative Science, Al Layyah

Reem Bouzo, Principal
“I love UAE because it is a country that embraces change and develops communities by not only having visionaries but also having achievers.”

Naima Razal, Grade 1 Teacher
“UAE is my home away from home. It is a place which fosters tolerance and makes us feel special.”

Tamara Jamal Altayyeb, KG Teacher
“I love UAE because all people are equal”

Safa Manar Kassas, G 3A
“I like UAE because I feel like I am in my own country”

Hussain Adnan Hussain Alshaali, G 3A
“I like UAE because it is my country and it is nice and I feel happy”

Dua E Sakina Shafikul Hasan, G 3A
“The reason why I like UAE is because I am safe here and there are lots of things to do in UAE”

Shaihka Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Qarnoot Alshehhi, G 3B
“I love UAE because the UAE makes the world better and better.”

The Aquila School

Wayne Howsen, Principal.
“I love the tolerance and creativity underpinned by respect, culture and tradition”.

Amy Eastabrook, Teacher.
“I love living in the UAE because it is a place where everybody comes together from all over the world. It has taught me so much about other peoples cultures and ways of lives. I love spending my weekends by the beautiful beaches and exploring the exciting new places!”

Alp, Year 6 Student
“I love the UAE because it is a safe place. My favourite thing to do in the UAE is riding my bike and I can’t wait to ride it along the beaches.”

Aspen Heights British School

Emma Shanahan, Principal
“I love the UAE for raising the issue of inclusivity and tolerance and making it a priority in every aspect of our lives. We are more similar than we are different, and education provides the means to highlight this.”

Laura Stevens, Head of Primary
“I love all of the delicious food available to try from many different countries in a variety of different hotels and malls.”

Kate Plumb, Head of Secondary  
“I love the UAE because it is such a tolerant and welcoming country, where over 200 nationalities live together in peace and harmony.”

Clare Quick, FS2 Teacher and FS2 Leader
“I love the UAE because you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about their culture.”

Maaira, Student
“I love the UAE because it has lots of places to visit and it means that all of my family can have a special time together.”

Sheikha, Student
“I love the UAE because it is the safest place any one could possibly be and the most amazing place to be a tourist! Also there are many nice and caring people in the UAE.”

Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School

Dr. Terry Burwell, Principal of Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School, Sharjah.
“I love the UAE because it is an inclusive and tolerant country which invites people, regardless of their race, religion, or their culture, from all over the world and proclaims throughout the land — you are welcome here in the UAE.”

Yasmeen Musa, Head of KG section
“I love all of it. From its safety, its vibe, its diversity and its nightlife.  UAE is where the Eastern and Western world meet together in peace.”

Noor Mustafa, Grade 12 Girls
“I love UAE because I was born & raised here. This country has always been a safe place for me & my family. I learned a lot from living in the UAE and it has really influenced me. Thanks, UAE for welcoming me since I was born.”

Sham Ghweish, Grade 12 Girls
“I love the UAE because people here are so kind to one another even though they come from different nationalities or cultures.”

Hawraa Miskey, Grade 12 Girls
“I love the UAE because it’s land is diverse, kind and generous.”

Blossom Nursery Dubai

Brighton College Dubai

Sarah Brannon, Head of Preparatory School
“Having spent over 22 years living in the UAE, I can honestly say that the country holds a very special place in my heart. My experiences have been incredible both personally and professionally and range from arriving in 1988 to my first teaching job to my two children being born in Al Ain; from being a part of a great new school start-up to the development of lifetime special friendships. I love the vision the UAE leaders have for this country, it is a unique, forward-thinking, open-minded place which exemplifies so well how different nationalities can work together successfully not only in tolerance but also with understanding and that makes it a great place for both adults and children to be.”

Kayleigh Eskander, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
“For me the UAE means diversity, tolerance, creativity and innovation and for those reasons I love the UAE.”

William, Year 3
“I like the UAE because of the amazing architecture, Dubai even has the tallest building in the world.”

British International School Abu Dhabi

Heather Threlfall, FS1 Nursery Teacher and Early Years Leader
“I feel incredibly privileged to call the UAE my home away from home! Since I arrived in Abu Dhabi nearly 4 years ago, I have felt so welcomed by everyone I have met; some of those people becoming my family here. The UAE offers a range of professional development opportunities for young professionals like myself and allows us to immerse ourselves in the ever-changing multicultural environment. How could I not love the UAE?!”

Clarion School

Susan Whistler, Director of Marketing and Communications
“The UAE has a centuries-old history beginning people of trade, and yet has the foresight to build a 21st-century country since it became an independent country just 4 decades ago. The adoption of innovation and best practice can be seen across sectors from education, introducing progressive education methodology, to sustainably and green codes in the building construction industry, to advanced water desalination and food security and safety, to intangibles such as promoting values of tolerance and rule of law. This willingness to seek out the new and innovative while creating and maintaining its own values is what I love about the UAE.”

Rhoda Aquino, Grade 2 Lead Educator
“Living in Dubai has given me the opportunity to meet many different people from all over the world.  I enjoy the diverse cuisine and how the various food and cultures allow us to learn from one another.”

Kristina Arthurs, K2 Educator
“I like the U.A.E because of the culture. There is always something happening and plenty of opportunities to learn. My favorite time of the year is the Formula 1 race weekend.”

Curtin University Dubai

Dubai College of Tourism

Olivia Turner, Academic Director
“I love the UAE because it is an ambitious and forward-thinking city, which provides everyone with lots of opportunities and pushes them to reach their full potential.”

Aisha Al Jaberi, Director of Recruitment
“I love the UAE because I am part of a great country that has a rich history.  We are part of a greater story that started with our grandparents and we continue to see their vision for the future come to life.”

Nishaat Shafi, DCT Instructor, Preparing for a Career in Tourism
“I love the UAE because of how unique it is – you can camp in a desert, relax at the beach and ski down a slope, all in one day! There is also a beautiful culture of respect for different cultures in the UAE that really resonates with me.”

Jemima Petalver, DCT Diploma student
“I love the UAE because it makes me feel safe no matter where I go.”

Amal Al Ranna, DCT Diploma student
“I love the UAE because of its innovative and accepting culture.”

Dubai Scholar’s Private School

Frank Scarcelli, Head of School 
“I love U.A.E for the opportunity that we get to work and experience a variety of divergent & vibrant cultures on a daily basis. Truly dynamic and diverse!”

Biniya Mary Jacob, Administrator 
“I love U.A.E for the safety, security and tolerance. U.A.E has been my home for over 26 years. A country that has great leaders who cares for the wellbeing of their people!”

Dwight School Dubai

GEMS Al Barsha National School for Boys

GEMS Dubai American Academy

Foremarke School Dubai

Zoe Woolley, Headmistress
“The UAE is a vibrant and exciting place to live that encourages our young people to take opportunities and broaden their horizons. It is invigorating to experience life in such an aspirational society.”

48 Reasons Why We Love the UAE

GEMS Founders School

Matthew Burfield, Principal/CEO
“The UAE offers opportunities to people from all over the world in a diverse, creative environment that allows us all to flourish. Since arriving to Dubai in 2016 I have been constantly amazed at the ability to move forward at pace and with such great consideration of the people who thrive here in the UAE.”

Ian Plant, Head of Secondary
“I love the UAE as it has been my home away from home for the past ten years, providing me opportunities to grow, flourish and succeed both personally and professionally.”

Alice Rivetti, Year 11
“I love the UAE because it lets me express myself and gives me the opportunity to have an outstanding education. I am exceedingly grateful for its safety and of how secure it is and also for opening up to my family and I as our second home.”

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

GEMS Metropole School

Elise Hunkin Head of Year 13, Head of Careers Guidance & Enrichment
“I love the UAE because of the unlimited opportunities, the lifestyle, the travel options, the diversity of people we work with and meet and the wonderful generosity I witness throughout Ramadan.”

GEMS Millennium School

Ambika Gulati, Principal
“My journey in the UAE started four years ago. I am truly inspired by the visionary leaders of this land who foster a value driven, innovative and inclusive society. Happiness, wellbeing and ethical values that I hold close to my heart are given utmost importance In this land. The energy, vibrancy and optimism that you find in the UAE invigorates me to give back to the community.”

Althea de Andrade, Head of Primary
“I love the UAE for innumerable reasons. The UAE is a place where a myriad of nationalities co-exist in perfect harmony. The rulers are visionaries who  foster values, promote tolerance, are forward thinking and innovative. The opportunities provided in this country to grow professionally are unimaginable. During my tenure here, I have met an amazing number of people, made quite a few amazing friends and am privileged to work for one of the best employers in the UAE.”

Beena Mathew, Teacher
“UAE’s unstoppable Action towards Excellence urges it’s residents and citizens to break limits and strive for brilliance in every field. Dreams become reality through hard work, determination and steadfast vision of our leaders. This energy that the country radiates along with its stellar reputation for tolerance and cultural diversity has truly made us global citizens this what I love about the UAE.”

Sara Ansari, Head Girl
“Sharp against the clear blue sky, I can see the glinting skyline of Dubai from the window by my desk. At times, (when I’m supposedly studying), I sit back and marvel at the modern architectural wonders built by the visionary rulers of this land. There‘s the biggest, the tallest, the largest, and more world record titles than I know to admire about the UAE, but perhaps what I love most about this country that I’ve come to call home over my 12 years growing up here is the diverse blend of people that enrich the culture here with a dash of their own. It’s a community that isn’t just tolerant of differences, but celebrates them, and I take immense pride in being a part of it.”

GEMS New Millennium School

Christine De Noronha, Vice Principal
“I love the UAE because the government always ensures that the highest standards are met with regard to all aspects of life. It’s a safe and secure place. Tolerance and acceptance of people of all communities and creeds is a given.”

Venetia Jayaraj, Head of Middle School
“Looking back over the past years, I have realized that my love for the UAE just grows fonder and stronger by each passing day. The UAE has taught me to uphold values of tolerance, resilience and has embedded in me the “never give up attitude” subsequently imbibing in me to strive for excellence and perfection in everything that I do. As quoted by William Arthur Ward “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”. And so, as we prepare to celebrate the 48th UAE National Day, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in the UAE and pray that the UAE will continue to stay blessed and be a blessing to everyone who steps into this land.”

Aditri Arora, Grade 6C
“I love UAE because it is a shining example of humanity and tolerance. We get to live peacefully with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. UAE provides a safe environment where rule of law applies to everyone without distinction. The wise leadership of UAE is always thinking about making life better for its citizens and residents alike. The country is also very progressive in adopting latest technology to improve the standards of living for its people.”

GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail

Neil Matthews, CEO/Principal
“I love the UAE because of its wonderfully diverse and multi-cultural community. As an educator, it is my firm belief that we can learn so much from each other’s backgrounds, experiences and cultures and this is very much what makes the UAE such a unique and vibrant place to live.”

Danielle Kibble, FS Teacher
“I love the UAE because I always feel safe, it gives me the opportunities to mix with people from all around the world and I have a much better work life balance.”

Zain Majid, Student
“I love the UAE as it so multicultural and I have met many friends from all over the world. There are lots of exciting things to do on weekends with my friends and I like trying the local Emirati food.”

Heriot-Watt University

Professor Bryn Jones, Deputy Vice Principal
“I love the UAE as it is a truly multicultural community and offers opportunities to meet and work with other people from around the world.”

Vanessa Northway, Academic Head of School of Textiles and Design
“I love the UAE because it’s a diverse multicultural community with various industries that contribute to a thriving economy. The UAE is also a very beautiful country with several natural hidden gems.”

Soehl Mathew Abraham, President of the Student Council
“The UAE is one of those countries that has a mix of everything. We have a variety of nationalities and different cultures – all of them are equally celebrated. The UAE upholds its values and ensures that its residents are taken care of.”

HTMi Switzerland Dubai

Kangaroo Kids Nursery

Lisa Sherrington-Boyd
“I love living and educating in the UAE as the generosity and support from local families especially, leaves me feeling inspired as a Principal and at home- they have become my Dubai Family; I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this country.”

Hannah Bunes
“The UAE is a place of opportunity and I am grateful for my last 6 years working and living in a place of such kindness and diversity. The UAE is welcoming and I am proud to live here and class it as my home.”

Autumn Sherrington-Boyd
“I love the UAE as it feels like a community. A community of people which support each other even if they are miles away from home. The UAE is vibrant and offers you endless opportunities as an educator. Resources are plentiful and the endless sunshine makes me grateful every day. Grateful to teach here, grateful to be apart of it.”

The Kindergarten Starters

Little Land Nursery

Maple Bear Nursery Al Reef

Heba al Kawkgi, Principal 
“I love the UAE because here I get to change the future.”

Lyanna Lambert, Student 
“I love the UAE because I’m always having fun, even at school.”

Catherina Therese Sawiros, Teacher  
“I love the UAE because I’m always learning, trying new things and encountering new ideas.”

Maple Bear Nursery Dubai

Newlands School Dubai

David Miles, Principal
“I love the UAE because it is a country where people of all nationalities are welcomed and it has been my home for more than 12 years.”

Nick Pain, Head of Secondary
“I love the UAE because it is a country that embraces diversity, celebrates its culture and inspires innovative future leaders. It has a uniqueness like no other.”

Norma Morrison, Head of Primary
“I love the UAE because it is a place where cultural diversity is celebrated and education is a key focus. The UAE drives innovation and creativity and, while living here, a sense of belonging and being a part of the future visions are intrinsic features of being a citizen.”

Pristine Private School

Reach British School

Dene Bright, Principal/Director/Head Master
“I love the UAE because I have the privilege of working in one of the safest countries in the world. I also get to work alongside and learn from an extremely diverse range of students, staff and families from all over the globe.”

Curtis Huysamen, Teacher/Professor
“The UAE excites me through its open leadership and clear guidance. It has become my new home through safety, trust, rules and happiness!”

Shama Ali Al Shemeili, Student
“The UAE tries to help the environment and help more than a million people around the world.”

SAE Institute Dubai

Dr. Elke Cumps, Academic Director
“Living in one of the most diverse international environments on the globe is a major asset for each individual’s development and a privilege we should be very thankful for. It enables us to live and work together in harmony and teaches people so many life and moral skills at a fast pace. Becoming a global citizen thanks to UAE is a blessing.”

Anna Tookey, Bachelor of Games Development (Games Programming)
“The main reason why I love the UAE is the diversity within the cultural experience. During my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about and participate in festivals such as Eid, Diwali, Holi and more. I believe that the UAE is in a unique position where people have the chance to learn about other cultures, free of judgement”

Smart Start KG

Heba Abdel Mohsen, Arabic Teacher
“I love the safe environment that the UAE offers me and my family. It has become a second home for me.”

Anne Marie Thompson, KG Teacher
“I love living in the UAE because it has given me a home where I feel safe, happy and secure.”

Mira Al Mufti, KG1 Student
“I love the UAE because I have lots of friends here and I love playing in the sunshine.”

Ellie Gregory, KG Student
“I love the UAE because it makes me smile so much and I love the parks.”

SP Jain School of Global Management

Anna Tarabasz, PhD, Deputy Director MGB Internships, Assistant Professor of Marketing
“UAE gives immense opportunities of growth to every talented and skilled individual, allowing to fulfill dreams in ambience where impossible is nothing. With its arms wide open it becomes home and melting pot for nations, cultures, religions and beliefs”

Laveena Menezes, People & Culture
“UAE never fails to impress. Its location, the huge population of expats, the riches, the traditions, and the vibrant culture are just a few reasons Why I love UAE. “

Sakshi Sachdeva, Manager – P2E/PRP
“I love UAE because this place blends different nationalities and cultures amazingly; the feeling of warmth it offers to all the people and for the great leadership vision of the rulers to take the country to greater heights.”

Rahil Mohamed Rafick, Executive – Marketing & Student Recruitment
“It’s the only country where you could go for a short vacation and come back to find out your neighborhood got a new skyscraper while you were gone! Also, I love the nations forward thinking which has led to tremendous innovation and creativity.”

Dr. Monica Gallant, Associate Professor
“I love the vibrant mix of cultures that work, study and play together in the UAE. As an active member of the Dubai art scene, I thrive on gaining inspiration from diverse ethnic influences and applying them in my ceramic artwork.”

Krishna Priya, Manager – Industry Interface Projects
“U.A.E has been home for the past 30 years. I don’t think there would be any other country that hosts and supports people from different cultures and diversities, which makes it one of the best places to live.“

Gulnara Z. Karimova, Assistant Professor
“When I drive to work I always see camels and police cars. These represents two things I love about Ras Al Khaimah: beautiful nature and safety.

The solemn modest beauty of the desert and powerful changing nature of the sea reminds you how small and trivial all the mundane issues of the day. “

Bijal Oza, Global Director (Counseling & Coaching Center)
“Living in UAE has helped me become more open and appreciative of myself and others, and that is a very important life skill to have. UAE is home away from home!”

Dr. Dhrupad Mathur, Deputy Director – Faculty Management | Associate Professor – ITM
“UAE is a role model that the world admires today. This nation has been a fountainhead of human ambition, zeal, vision and inspiration. It represents the epitome of human values and growth nurtured by robust governance, dedication and genuine care for all residents. ​”

Springdales School Dubai

Julian Williams, Principal
“I love how the UAE has become a crucible for innovation and action in 21st century learning. It is a hub for aspiration, technical know-how, global-thinking, sustainability and shared values.”

Sheerin Ahmed, Head of Primary
“U.A.E has an environment of “Live and Let Live”, most welcoming place for immigrants. It has such a positive attitude towards us. …and hence I love U.A.E.”

Bushra Mansoor, Head Secondary
“I love U.A.E because the culture imbibes positivity in the mindset and embeds the drive to excel. It is a land where aspirations become a reality.”

Shaheena Prasad, Deputy Head of Primary
“I love UAE as it continues to expand and offers high quality lifestyle choices, housing, education and healthcare.”

Sakina Sareea, English Subject Leader for Secondary
“I love the UAE because of its inclusivity and tolerance for all religions and cultures. UAE is a place where people learn and assimilate from each other; a place where we learn about candour and rectitude; a place where we know how to spread love and admiration; a place where we learn what benevolence is.”

Muskaan Thukral, Student
“The UAE is the perfect example for unity in diversity. Even as expats in the country we feel a sense of belongingness and are warmly welcomed here. The country is a perfect example of modernization without compromising on culture. The UAE is extremely tolerant towards everyone and values every individual no matter where they are from. This is why I love the UAE.”

Toddler Town

Sarika Singh, Nursery Manager
“I love the integrity and the respect, UAE embrace all cultures and religions and I feel it is the safest and happiest place in the world for everyone and especially women.”

Catherine Wincent, Teacher
“The diversity of these countries, various nationalities become friends. Diversity welcomed by UAE. I love the beach.”

UK College of Business and Computing

The Winchester School Jebel Ali

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